The Usual Suspects

The Road to Phindelver
Session 1 Recap


Standing at the edge of Neverwinter, the city wall looming behind them, our ‘adventures’ converse with their patron, Gundren Rockseeker, while his body man Sildar Hallwinter watches the group warily. After confirming that the group understands what is expected of them and what would happen should they fail to hold their end of the bargain, Gundren and Sildar head north on a pair of horses.

Heading North

Heading north into the wilderness along the old road, the party is on edge, wary for any ambush. Excepting, of course, for Kruppe, who took a nap in the back of the wagon. For the first few days the vigilance seemed unneeded, the road was quiet and serene. Around noon on the third day however, at a sharp bend in the road the group spotted some obstructions ahead. As the party got closer, the shapes became clear that they were horses laying in the road, blood all around them. Suddenly, small black- fetched arrows flew out of the woods into the party. A goblin rushed out of the woods and sliced Shan Lao with a small sword. The small group of goblins are quickly reduced to just one, who flees for his life. The group takes a moment to compose themselves and examine the horses. They identify them as the pair that Gundren and Sildar left on.

A Side of Revenge

More to come…


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