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The Lost Mine of Phindelver



Your time in prison wasn’t long, not nearly as long as expected in fact. A scant few days after you were thrown into that cramped cell, a trio of dwarves appeared on the other side of the bars.

They introduced themselves as the Rockseeker brothers and they had a proposition for you. They would pay your debt to society… if you worked for them. Indentured servitude, and with a very nebulous exit condition, but its still better than prison, right?

A few fetch and bodyguard jobs around Neverwinter later, and now Gundren Rockseeker has tasked you with protecting a supply wagon on its way to Phindalin.

Phindalin and its Environs

The Town of Phindalin

Tresendar Manor

A Note about the Forgotten Realms

This game takes place in a setting known as the Forgotten Realms. This setting has a long history and a very large amount of material has been produced for it. While I respect and enjoy the setting, continuity concerns will take a backseat to the current narrative and enjoyment of this campaign. If you have prior experience with the setting, please leave it at home. I may change the events that have occurred or the order they occurred in, or a may change the names of places or peoples (both entirely and the pronunciation). Please be respectful and do not ‘correct’ these changes.

Available Character Options

  • All character options from the Player’s Handbook.
  • Additional options from the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion. (PDF)
  • Unearthed Arcana: Awakened Mystics (Note: This class is a playtest and is subject to changes during play)(PDF)
  • Unearthed Arcana: Eberron – Races and Classes only (PDF)
  • Other Unearthed Arcana options may be available upon review.
  • Other official Wizards character options may be allowed after review.
Homebrewed character options are a possibility but are not guaranteed.

Options currently under review:

  • None

House Rules and Rulings

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