Gang leader


AC 12 (13 with staff)
HP 22
Speed 30ft
Str 9
Dex 14
Con 11
Int 17
Wis 12
Cha 11
Saving throws Int +5, wis +3
Arcana +5
History +5
Passive perp 11

4th level caster
Spell DC 13
+5 to hit

Cantrips: light, mage hand, shocking grasp
1st: charm person, magic missile
2nd: hold person, misty step

Quarterstaff melee +1 5ft 1d8-1

Staff of defense
10 charges,
Mage armor(1), shield(2)
Recharge 1d6+4 per day


Iarno Albrek defected from the Lord’s Alliance to set him self up as a minor crime lord and study his dark magic. This did not go well for him as our usual suspects smashed his head in and obliterated his gang.


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